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Be You to the Full

Be You To the Full


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Sundari is a unique, independent, eco-fashion label catering to those who believe in conscious clothing. We are passionate about creating cutting-edge fashion inspired by a connection to nature and to a holistic life style. We strongly believe in helping the environment and local communities and we tread lightly on the earth by using sustainable fabrics to make long-lasting clothes. We operate by the highest ethical standards, giving back to the local communities where we produce these clothes.

We mainly cater for young women in their mid twenties/early forties who choose to live a holistic life and care for the Earth by supporting ethical clothing instead of disposable fashion. Our typical client is an active woman who practices yoga, pilates or visits the gym, and who has a taste for adventure: A creative free-spirited woman on the move with an action-packed life who enjoys comfort and style.

We want our clients to feel beautiful, stylish and sassy, to be their full selves, feeling confident and whole:
‘Be you to the full’.

The inspiration for the designs comes from years of traveling on the earth, learning about different cultures and religions, sleeping under the stars and meeting many inspiring people. The clothes are designed out of a life based around adventure, activity, comfort, yoga and connection to nature and living in the moment.


‘Live your dreams’

to be launched in summer 2017

“The attention to detail, cut and fabric make these leggings
extremely flattering!

I love that I’m able to wear these at home to do my morning pilates, yoga and stretching, and then leave the house to go out for lunch in them (…) Sundari’s leggings are VERY comfortable and – because of the gathered seams around your knee – work well with your body while bending and moving around.”

Natalie at

“I’ve worn the leggings three times now – for yoga, errands and a run – to see how they would hold up in each situation. They’re excellent for yoga and comfortable enough that I wanted to lounge around in them for the rest of the day after. They wash nicely, are breathable, don’t hold smell, don’t pill and don’t shrink.”

Kasi at

PRESS – Reviews and interviews

The founder

Originally from South West England, Founder Anna Westcott aka Sundari, has spent over 2 decades travelling the world and discovering many cultures. She weaves into her clothes the gifts and insights she has received from her experience on the road and her strong spiritual practice.

Sundari initially trained as a hairdresser but then embarked on a deep journey of self exploration and became a clothes designer. Being passionate about a holistic approach to life, she has been practicing yoga daily since she was 20 and is currently training to become a Pilates Instructor. Her practice inspires her to create comfortable clothes from breathable eco-friendly fabrics that can be worn on and off the mat; clothes that are kind to the earth and to our bodies.

She wants women to feel empowered, to believe in themselves and to live from a place of authenticity. Her dream is for all women to feel at peace with their bodies and embrace who they are fully. As an empowered woman Sundari uses her creativity to communicate her message: that we can do whatever our heart desires if we have faith and belief. This inspiring message is at the heart of her new collection “ live your dreams “ that will be launched this summer 2017.

All moments are sacred


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Contacts for press, wholesale and general enquiries

Contact press, sales and marketing:

Helene Griffon
Tel: +44 (0) 7742199262

Wholesale and general enquiries:


Anna Sundari
Newton Abbots
TQ12 6JW

About Sundari Creations

Sundari Creations supplies wholesale clothing, jewellery and accessories to boutiques with individual style that want to support eco-sustainable clothing.

We offer minimum orders of $1500, allowing small business a way in. So it can help young businesses that have the same ethical standards as us to grow and prosper.

We pride ourselves on our close relationship with pattern makers, tailors, seamstresses; this means we can keep an eye on the conditions of the workforce. We can guarantee 100% that our products are not derived from sweatshop labour.

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